An Email from John Lewis

I got this email from John Lewis today, along with a WTF? email from another friend who has been living in the UK and has not been aware of Zigzag Zell’s antics lately:

Dear Fellow Democrat, (Mabe you should just call me “Fellow Lover of Democracy” or something. -ed.)

I know you are a proud Democrat. So am I. We should be proud, and the top-to-bottom strength of this year’s Democratic ticket just makes it easier. The Democratic Party is fighting for America’s working families, embracing the diversity of our great nation, and making us stronger at home and respected in the world.

That’s why I am so deeply disappointed in my old friend, Zell Miller.

This week, Zell is the toast of the GOP, speaking to the Republican Convention in New York. Never mind that he completely denounced George H. W. Bush and the Republican Party at the 1992 Democratic Convention. Really, the Democratic Party of Georgia has the video right here.

Zell built a long career off the support and work of Georgia Democrats. Now he’s showing up all over the country, telling any who’ll listen that “the Democratic Party left him.”

You and I both know that just isn’t true. Over the last few years, Zell Miller has voted in nearly perfect lockstep with the Bush administration. And he says the Democratic Party left HIM?

It’s time to elect a new generation of Georgia Democrats to replace Zell Miller — Democrats like Congresswoman and U.S. Senate candidate Denise Majette, who can take over Zell’s Senate seat in November. We need leaders who appreciate the Democratic Party and all it stands for.

We can send Zell Miller the message that he doesn’t speak for us. With your help, REAL Georgia Democrats, from Congresswoman Majette on down, will be victorious on Election Day.

Thank you for your support,
Congressman John Lewis

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