Why it’s called Drudgery and Treachery

Well, damn if it didn’t happen again- laid off/fired/made redundant at another mediocre job.

The tech economy in this frozen city is just horrifyingly stilted. I was lucky enough to get hired to build a server and set up a small internal network at this company, the one that just sacked me. Unix server, handfull of PowerMac and Win2K workstations. I was supposed to hang around and maintain them after that. I got them up and running in a week. Fine tuned them for the next week, then sat around waiting for something to go wrong…

Nothing did. (Now, you’d think that would earn a guy some job security, wouldn’t you?) So they started finding stuff for me to do. I spent a week working in Photoshop. LOVE Photoshop- and for a writer, geek, guy with one graphic design class, I am pretty okay with it. And I am pretty fast. Faster, I think, than anyone expected me to be. Because I blasted through a couple of directories of color corrections and cropping images before anyone had expected me to finish the first one. I spent the whole week beating deadlines, getting a pretty good bit done.

The Monday after that week, I came in expecting more P’Shop work, I found myself doing “Pick up this heavy thing and put it over there” work all day.

Not too bad for a day- I was a carpenter for years, so carrying heavy stuff isn’t that big a deal. Then Tuesday- more “Carry this downstairs and bring that other heavy thing back.”

Wednesday? More of the same.
Thursday? Ditto.

Friday morning, I asked for more Photoshop work. Just out of curiosity, really. It was beginning to seem like maybe I had been demoted from computer whiz kid to lummox. “Well,” came the reply, “we just don’t have that much of that for you to do. But since we are moving our offices over the next few weeks…

I prayed for a computer to break, the server to crash, or for someone to just lose a password. Like I said, I don’t really mind heavy lifting, but it’s not the job I was hired for. Nor is it, quite honestly, the job that I wanted. But then when a computer finally did break, the woman that runs the office (and the one that BROKE the computer) wouldn’t let me fix the machine. She just sent me out to lift more heavy stuff as she tried to reformat and reinstall the OS. She eventually had to let me do my job, but not until after a monumental struggle.

Two days later she asked me for the password to my computer. The day after, she asked me to train someone else to admin the server. (Sure, that shouldn’t take too long….)

I saw the writing on the wall. So this morning’s announcment was more of a formality than anything….

Here I am, again- jobless. *sigh*