A Nation of Quivering Candyasses

Now we’re cowering in fear of strange alphabets? And Folk Singers?

Christ, what a bunch of spineless pussies we’re turning into. “EEEEK!! MUSLIMS!!”

We have become Lady MacBeth, methinks. Subconsciously, perhaps, but aware on some level that we have done something irredeemable.

By the end of the play, Lady M is so bewitched with horror at her own savagery that she is out of her mind, unable to sleep and jumping at shadows. We’re so eager to be “safe” that we’re giving up our civil liberties and throwing people into dank prisons at the least provocation.

Who would have thought that Iraq had so much blood in it?

“Will these hands ne’re be clean?”

::Update:: Best. Comment. Ever. See comment #1 from Interrobang…

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