Wasn’t I in this band?

Well, well, well… The minute I endorse a band, they start behaving badly.

Says bassist Syd Butler, “What happened was, Tim had a wireless mic that gave him pretty much free range over this entire redneck, cowboy scene, country bar. And he took off his clothes– I think he was actually in like a bikini bathing suit and briefs– and he got into the mudpit and these bouncer guys just lost their shit. They wouldn’t get in because they didn’t want to get dirty. They were just trying to get him out and it was sort of this big mess.”

I think the fact that Mike from five-eight never actually jumped into a mud wrestling pit while we were playing was more of an oversight and a lack of opportunity than any kind of unwillingless to do the deed.

The story is a riot. You should go read it.

P.S.- There’s a recording of Les Savy Fav live in ATL here, thanks to reader Ben. Thanks Ben!

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