Don’t get meningitis.

A friend of mine has contracted viral meningitus. (That’s the one that doesn’t kill you, fortunately) He and his wife were at the emergency room until well after 2 am. After they performed a spinal tap (YOW! Do you KNOW about this? Oh my fucking god!) My friend is going to eventually be fine, he’s just going to be very sick for a while. Viral meningitis is debilitatingly painful and completely zaps the patient, but it gets better after a week or two.

(briefly, if I may climb up on my soapbox- The most expensive health care system in the world, and it takes six and a half hours to see a doctor? And that’s NORMAL? WTF? It would make sense if there was some kind of mad rush on for the emergency room, last night, but it was business as usual. Someone explain this to me.)

I drafted a friend and we went and watched their baby. (I don’t know from babies, ok?) So I have had three hours of sleep. Pardon me if I am fairly incoherent today.

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