The New Music thingy

If you care about what “alternative” music has sort of morphed into- which, as far as I am aware, has no new name- you might want to check out this site. As music becomes more decentralized and the industry becomes increasingly irrelevant (when was the last time you read Spin?), I think that web music zines like this will become the conduit where folks who love music will turn to for information about what’s new and good.

Pitchfork is, in many ways, exactly what I am looking for in a music portal- they have a very egalitarian approach to who gets covered and who gets featured. Did the band put out a record in their basement, but it’s absoultely brilliant? Front and center. Did Matchbox 20 lay another giant turd on commercial radio? You’d never know it from reading Pitchfork. This is, IMHO, as it should be.

The writers there do get a little wild-eyed about bands like Animal Collective and The Fiery Furnaces, who, while they are unique, suck like a pool drain. But y’know, it’s all what you love, and someone loves those bands like I love Scratch Acid, so we’re even.

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