The Twilight Zone

A friend of mine stopped for a heartbeat to watch the news in the locker room at the gym, yesterday, and Bush was on the TV. I don’t know if his body posture communicated his disdain or if his face registered some inchoate emotion, but some beefy stand-by pounced and said “Well, who are you voting for?” in a fairly confrontational tone.

My friend, being no dummy, and also being clad in a swimsuit, coupled with his desire not to be ensnared into a conversation about politics with some portly gym-locker-room-schooner, said “Well, y’know, I am not that knocked out with either one of them.”

And the pushy stranger said “Well, what do you think the most important issue of this election is?”

And my friend, emboldened by principle, I suppose, said “Well, it’s clearly the Iraq war.”

And Mr. Confrontational says “WRONG! It’s about the fact that ONE of these MEN IS PRO-LIFE, and the other is a BABY KILLER!”

And I don’t know exactly what my friend said to that, but whatever it was, it probably sounded something like “Sir, you are a complete assbag, and clearly out of your mind.”

Which sent this Solider of God into a heated rage, where he warned my swimsuit clad friend that he should get away from him, because he had been known to be violent, and that he was likely to strike him.

How Christ-like.

What gets me, and what has gotten to some of my very Pro-Life Catholic relatives, is that I don’t see how you could call President Bush pro-life. I mean, c’mon, who are we trying to fool, here?

If George Bush is pro-life, could he also please set out to make me poor? (I mean, more than he already has…)

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