This is HUGE

Y’know, in the wake of last night’s debates, I have had a major realization. I would call it a moment of clarity. There was a lot of talk about foreign policy and whether America is or is not safer. Several of the pundits that I have seen have said that Kerry seems to have bested the President in his handling of the tough questions…

But I have come away from the debates with a completely different realization about the President. I watched him very carefully, last night, and I watched how he handled Lehrer’s questions… I watched him respond to Sen. Kerry, and I listened very closely to his answers on Iraq, on Afghanistan, on Al Qaeda.

I must say, something struck me.

Maybe no one else has noticed this, and I don’t want to start any slanderous rumors about the President, but based on what I saw last night…

Well… let me just say…I don’t think the guy is all that bright.

  1. He’s like Pinky (as in Pinky and the Brain), but not as nice.

    To be fair, I would think Bush is right about in the middle of the bell curve IQ-wise.

  2. Can I just say that “normal” is not what I want from a president, fair or not? I want EXCEPTIONAL. I don’t want a president that is “The Kind of Guy You’d Have a Beer With.” FUCK THAT. I want a president that is so smart that I am “Afraid of Making an Ass of Myself Around Him.”

    I want a president that is exceptional. Bush can go drink beer with America for the rest of his wet-brained days for all I care, just get him out of the driver’s seat, ferfuck’ssake!

    Can we try that for four years?

  3. I prefer smart, too. A massive brain in a vat might just be the ideal president. 😉

    Of course, alot of Americans are turned off by smart. And to paraphrase one of the smarter Texas state senators (who was making a remark about another state senator who was gallingly dense): Even dumb people deserve representation.

  4. ames

    We’ve talked about this before, Patrick….if the man still can’t pronounce “nuclear” after 4 years of presidency, either he’s REALLY THAT STUPID or he’s doing it ON PURPOSE. Either prospect is frightening.

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