Ah, city life….

I guess that I had been living in the City for about six weeks when I heard what I thought were fireworks in the park across the street from my apartment. It was the Saturday before Labor Day, so it wasn’t so unreasonable to think that there was someone shooting off bottle rockets or something in the park. However, when I went out to get in my car later, I realized that Somebody up here in my “quiet” neighborhood had SHOT MY CAR in an exchange of gunfire over the park across the street. (see attached photo….)

My neighbor explained it to me this way: See, it’s all very logical if you think of it this way- The Latin Kings own all the territory from two blocks south of here to ten blocks south of here. But somebody “did” two of the Latin Kings a week and a half ago, so the Latin Kings figure that the Los Primos (who own my little corner of the city, North of LK turf….) owe them some REAL ESTATE. So they are moving in on the park across the street.

Step one- Start shooting in the park a couple of times a week.

Step two- Move in and occupy all the empty space left by people too afraid to get shot to hang out in the park any more.

This is ironically similar to the way that the US Government stole all that land from the sovereign territories of Northern Mexico. This is a reverse land grab. Unfortunately, it’s just plain folks like me that are dodging the bullets… Now, I think that the Latin Kings ought to be thinking about the Governor’s Mansion in Tejas, but what the hell do I know?

Check out the holes in my car…